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Galapagos Conservancy

Supports research and conservation in the archipelago

The Blue Feet Foundation

Non-profit run by two kids, Will and Matty, that sells socks to support our blue-footed booby research

Anderson Lab at Wake Forest University

Keep up-to-date on our research with blue-footed and Nazca boobies! 

Blue-footed Booby Research in the News

Two brothers want to save boobies by turning your feet bright blue. Audubon Society. 2017. 

Unhappy Feet: the curious case of the blue-footed boobies' lack of libido. Wake Forest University. 2016

Blue-footed boobies' survival threatened. Wake Forest University. 2014. 

Blue-footed booby threatened in the Galapagos. National Geographic. 2014.

Blue-footed boobies, a Galapagos treasure, under threat. NYT. 2014.

Blue-footed boobies on the decline, plummeting sardine stocks may be to blame. Mongabay. 2014.