Red-footed boobies can be trickier to identify because they come in several different colors, known as "morphs". All red-footed booby adults have red feet, though! Pictured here is a white morph. 

Jenny Howard

 Red-footed booby

Jenny Howard

This bird has red feet and a white body, but it has more brown on

the wings than the first bird; 

it is an intermediate morph

red-footed booby.

Even though this bird is very brown, it isn't a brown booby (no line across the chest and no white underbelly)! Look at those red feet and colorful bill; this is a dark morph red-footed booby.

Jenny Howard
Jenny Howard

Face coloration can vary among individuals! Red-footed booby sex can be hard to tell, but often males have more colorful faces during breeding. Pictured here is a male.

Notice the color in this bird is a bit more muted; it is most likely a female. 

Jenny Howard
Jenny Howard

Red-footed boobies nest in trees or low bushes. Pictured here is a white morph red-footed booby with a downy chick. 

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